Simply Biltong

Lovingly made in the heart of Kent

Westbrook Family Butchers Portsmouth

Reasons to buy our Biltong?

In a nutshell the Biltong we make is to your individual tastes. we do not hold a big stock for two reasons, the first is that this is genuinely  home-made. you tell me what you want, I get the beef from the butchers, do the 'magic' and post it out to you. the second, is that we will eat it if it's sitting and waiting for orders to come in.

Don't confuse our Biltong with that strange stuff sold in little slivers in supermarkets. this is real meat, aged and cared for.

The proof is in the eating!! 

This picture is of my heritage, I guess you could say its in the blood. This was taken many years ago in Portsmouth and is of my great granddad, my granddad and his brothers. a real display with meat hanging outside the shop, something not seen for many years.

I have always had an interest in food and enjoy the preparation as much if not more than the eating, which is saying something. I didn't follow the family tradition of butchery as my father was in the forces and I never really lived in the UK except for a couple of years in my teens. I had the pleasure of living and growing up in Norway, France and Germany; something I loved and something that has shaped my views on life, food and culture. 

So why Biltong? well, I am a passionate rugby fan, I played (very badly) as a younger man and managed a youth team at Canterbury RFC. I spend an awful lot of time on the side lines, watching, shouting. It doesn't matter where you watch rugby in the world there is always the sound of a South African accent to be heard and Canterbury is no different. I have always eaten Biltong and Droewors, but have never thought of making it myself until I was offered some at a game from my little southern hemisphere mate. I was very impressed when he explained that he had made it himself and one thing led to another , resulting in me having a go at making it.